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Welcome to Charlie Leslie Fly Fishing, a legacy spanning three generations of expert guides. Our story is rooted in the passion and dedication of Charlie Leslie Sr., Marlon Leslie, and Charles Leslie Jr., each contributing their unique style to the art of fly fishing.

Charlie Leslie Sr. is the visionary and patriarch of our legacy and the pioneer of fly fishing in southern Belize. He laid the foundation for our commitment to the art and sport of fly fishing, emphasizing respect for nature and a genuine love for the sport.


Marlon Leslie seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. As the son of Charlie Sr., his intuitive understanding of the water and fly fishing techniques reflects both his lineage and his own evolution as a guide.


Marlon brings a contemporary flair to the timeless tradition of fly fishing.


Marlon Leslie

 Charlie T. Leslie builds on the foundation laid by his father, adding a modern touch to our family legacy. His passion for conservation and dedication to passing on the art of fly fishing define his guiding philosophy. At Charlie Leslie Fly Fishing, we go beyond providing a guided fishing experience; we invite you to become a part of our story. Whether you are a seasoned angler or new to the world of fly fishing, our guides are here to share their knowledge, passion, and a memorable day on the water.

Nestled in this angler's paradise, our services include expertly guided Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing day trips, catering to all skill levels. With a commitment to local expertise, personalized experiences, and marine conservation, we invite you to join us for a fishing adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Contact us to book your trip and discover the wonders of Placencia, Belize with Charlie Leslie Fly Fishing.


Charlie Leslie

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